Identity Design Gallery

Identity design takes the look and feel of your logo and applies it to everything that your potential clients or customers see: business cards, letterhead, web sites, ads, and other marketing materials. 


A Collector’s Bookshop

The obvious choice for the identity design for a bookshop, of course, is books. The logo appears either in black & white, or as gold-embossed text on the cover of a leather-bound book. The business card is double-sided and folded, so it looks and opens like a book. The letterhead repeats the open book design. And what better take-away for a bookshop than a bookmark? Finally, the web site repeats all of the design elements from the printed materials. 


Feng Shui San Diego

In order to minimize print costs, these designs were created as either 2-color (business card and brochure) or black & white (letterhead), using the same background elements. Both the background elements and the typography were incorporated into the web site


in-Symmetry Bodywork Referral Service

The theme of this idenenty system is, naturally, symmetry. The colors stay in a narrow range of healing and theraputic blues, violets and purples, with slightly different color combinations used in the business cards, letterhead, flier, and as navigation aids in the web site