Marketing & Copywriting Design Gallery

Identity design takes the look and feel of your logo and applies it to everything that your potential clients or customers see: business cards, letterhead, web sites, ads, and other marketing materials. 


General Atomics, Aeronautical Systems, Inc.

This gallery contains examples of print ads and copy I created for General Atomics, Aeronautical Systems, Inc., in the late 1990s. 


Coleman Industries

Remember back to the end of last century when everyone was afraid the world was coming to an end because Bill Gates was too short-sighted to program in a 4-digit year in his DOS/Windows operating system? You coudn't turn on the tv or radio in 1999 without some dire prediction of what might happen on January 1, 2000, when the majority of the computers in the world would suddenly think the date was January 1, 1900. Here are the brochure pages and copy created for this project.