Multimedia Design Services

Burk Design Group can turn your presentations, your web site, even your brochure or catalog into an interactive multimedia event that will communicate your messages or present your products and services with style and impact. As with web page design, the content and the message is the most important factor. However, music, sound effects, video clips and animation can be powerful tools that greatly enhance your message. Whether you want to enliven your PowerPoint presentations or you want to produce an interactive, multimedia brochure for distribution on the web, or via CD or DVD, Burk Design Group is your multimedia design partner.

Despite the lack of support on certain mobile platforms, Adobe Flash remains the standard plaform for interactive media. Whether for education (such as the “Circles” animation example from Binary Labs) or entertainment and marketing (such as “The Relationship Quiz”) the power of Flash animations is unparalleled.

If universal compatibility is more important than interactivity, then a custom video presentation is your best choice. By combining Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere, Burk Design Group can create a dynamic, engaging, professional multimedia marketing experience for your clients. 


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