HTML & Flash Web Page Design

These examples make use of HTML and Adobe Flash. Bear in mind that by today's standards every single aspect of these pages is hopelessly outdated (they're all over 10 years old). However, they show a nice range of design styles for different types of clients.


IBM alphaWorks CD Project

I was hired to design a CD interface for the alphaWorks division of IBM, that used HTML and Flash. The CD would be distributed with new, cutting-edge technologies for developers (this was before broadband internet was common; now you just download whatever you need). Since these were ”alpha” technologies (the stage before ”beta”) I decided the interface should be a blueprint-based work in progress, too. 



I was hired to update the Tayo-Yuden Research and Development website, based on the art designs created for their ads and marketing materials. This project required creating two versions of the site: one in Flash, and one in HTML for dial-up connections (remember those?). The HTML site had to have the same functionality and interface as the Flash site.



in-Symmetry was a theraputic bodywork referral service based in Northern California. The web site is an extension of the logo, identity and marketing system I designed for them (see the rest in the Identity Design Gallery). This site made extensive use of frames in order to keep the multi-column look and feel. Today, all this and more is accomplished with CSS.